Jalapeño  Porkers
Stuffed with chorizo and cheese wrapped in bacon

Prawn and Pork Belly Skewers
Grilled with any sauce

Smoked Pork Rillette on Crostini
Classic French pate

House Cured Smoked Salmon on Mini Latkes
With creme fraiche

Seasonal Bruschetta
Local ricotta, mint, and seasonal vegetable or legumes


Smoked Prime Rib
If you've never had it, now is your chance

St. Louis Ribs
Dry Rubbed and smoked to perfection

Smoked Meatloaf
Classic recipe of beef and pork

Texas Brisket
Sea salt and very coarse cracked peppercorns create the delectable bark that this delicacy is known for

Chicken Thighs
Boneless and skin on, dry rubbed and smoked

Pork Loin
Dry rubbed and smoked

Pork loin and belly rolled up and tied, we dry rub it and smoke it until the skin is crispy and perfect


Cracklin' Mac
Wagon Wheel shaped pasta, hand made Mornay sauce with a mixture of Sonoma County cheeses topped with crunchy pork cracklings

Kale Slaw
Local, organic red Russian kale, onions, carrots, dressed with tahini-maple-cider vinegar dressing

Cowboy Beans
Rancho Gordo heirloom beans simmered to perfection with a blend of BBQ spices, onions, garlic, and poblano peppers; choice of meat or vegetarian

Paul's Biodynamic Salad
Seasonal greens and crunchy veggies

Panzanella Salad
Local tomatoes, basil, and cubes of toasted bread

German Potato Salad
New red potatoes, tossed in fresh lemon juice, parsley, dill, green onions, mustard, and handmade garlic aioli

Watermelon-Feta Salad 
Watmaugh farm watermelon, Greek feta, arugula and balsamic vinaigrette


Black Coffee-Molassas BBQ Sauce
This thick, rich sauce takes on an almost mole-esque flavor and texture

Maple-Bourbon BBQ Sauce
Q Crafts take on a classic BBQ sauce is made without ketchup or corn syrup. 

Vietnamese Caramel
Filled with opal basil, mint, cilantro, chilis, fish sauce, and other traditional Vietnamese ingredients, this sauce will have you licking your chops for more


Mini Key Lime Pies

Mini Strawberry Shortcakes

Mini Carrot Cakes

Mini Cupcakes